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Marina Romea was built in the 1950s. in 1951 88 acres of woodland, primarily pinewood, were purchased by Mr. Miserocchi and Mr. Salbaroli, residents of Ravenna, for lumber purposes.

The wooded area was practically isolated and abandoned, enclosed between the sea, the valley and the marshes of the Lamone river, which did not have a direct outlet to the sea at the time. A semi-practicable trail crossed it from north to south, linking Casal Borsetti, a labourer’s town, to Porto Corsini, a fishermen’s village, which then connected to Marina di Ravenna. The only sign of stable human presence was a nucleus of huts built on land and the brick house of the farmer Ceretti, known as Umàz (a hulk) because word had it that he was a smuggler.

Capanno all'imbrunire, Piallassa della Baiona, Ravenna

The wood was very thick, so much so that the Italian Forest Rangers had to thin it out. In December 1952 the construction of an actual coastal road between Casalborsetti and Porto Corsini commenced. The road was completed in 1956, and to this day it is the axis network of Marina Romean, Viale Italia.

One of the objectives behind the construction of the road was to favor the tourist development of an area of great naturalistic interest, with a settlement on the lido patterned after Milano Marittima: an urban plan which must be designed with the utmost care, in harmony with the environment. Once the town had granted authorization, the yard opened in 1953 for the construction of the infrastructure and subdivision commenced with the sale of the first lots. The first building finished was the Hotel Corallo in 1957, shortly followed by the Columbia and Millepini Hotels along the new coastal road.

In 1956, the owners paid out of their own pockets for the construction of a wooden bridge on boats over the Baiona canal, to favor the new area’s link to Ravenna.

Its name

In 1956 the Chamber of Commerce advertised a competition between the citizens of Ravenna, in order to baptize the new lido with an appropriate name. There were 306 participants, with 241 proposals accepted. Amongst the list of names we find various schools of thought: erudite, of Garibaldi, of Dante, historical.

In the end the proposal of “Marina Romea” won, which was an adequate representation of the new lido, connecting it with the history of the territory, to Ravenna Capital after Rome and to the main access road, the Statale Romea, so named due to the passage of pilgrims bound for Rome (the Romei).

The Town Commission of Toponomy consecrated this choice.

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