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Services for homes and apartments

Do you have a home or an apartment in Marina Romea? Here are all the businesses and services which may come in handy.

From gardening specialists to plumbers, from electricians to persons specializing in various services for your home. Without forgetting the shops where you can purchase household appliances and phone credit!

The bank where is possible change the your currency and more.

La Cassa di Ravenna Spa

Viale Italia, 110 - 48123 - Marina Romea
Tel: 0544 446222

Servizio bancomat e cambio valuta

Maioli - Elettrodomestici, ferramenta e casalinghi

Viale Italia, 126 - 48123 - Marina Romea
Tel: 0544 446195

Ravenna Servizi

Via degli Ippocastani, 102  48123 - Marina Romea 

Tel e Fax: 0544 446910  Cell. 3207872635


Mail: [email protected] 

Ass. Pro loco Marina Romea APS 
Viale Ferrara 7 - 48123 Marina Romea RA 
P.Iva 01284340393 - C.F. 92028060397 
 N. Rea Ra  171135 
N. Registro regionale 2997
PEC: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]