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Punte Alberete

Bird-watching on foot in a flooded wood

The WWF Oasis of Punte Alberete is a swampy wood of ash and white willow. In its flooded areas one may find mires and groves of reeds. The itinerary is circular in shape and may be travelled on foot. It is approximately 2 kilometers in length with point of departure from the parking lot on the Romea state highway.

In the first part of the itinerary one crosses a flooded wood of ash and willows. One then carries on into a more open part of the swamp, through groves of reeds, open spaces and damp meadows, until one reaches another area equipped for bird-watching. Here, within a hut or behind the reed screens, one may observe a large quantity of species: great egrets and purple herons, ferruginous duck, red-crested pochard, cormorants, pygmy cormorant, gadwall and glossy ibis.

At the end of the itinerary one may continue on foot towards the bird-watching tower of Valle Mandriole, just a bit further north.

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