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MTB itineraries through pinewood, sea and valley to discover the Delta environment

Around Marina Romea there exists a thick network of pleasant itineraries which may be experienced on a mountain bike, and sometimes even with just a slightly sturdier bike, to explore the environment of the Delta Park.

Here are a few very easy options:

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The coast pinewood and the pier (blue itinerary)

Along the entire pinewood behind the beach there are routes which are suited to mountain bikes, but also simply with a sturdier bike. You can begin in the north, starting from the road that leads to Boca Barranca, following the inner trail to the second road (Mercurio bathing establishment), and then once more towards the beach level with the Columbia hotel.
Once you have reached the campground, you go around it arriving at the road behind the bathing establishment. Lastly, once you have reached Porto Corsini you can pedal for two kilometers along the north pier to breathe a bit of sea air. You can return on the road or once more through the pinewood.

Around Pialassa Baiona (orange itinerary)

This is a two-way itinerary and, if there was a small bridge to cross a short canal level with Prato Barenicolo, it would constitute a complete circuit. Departure in the far north-eastern part of Valle Baiona, which may be reached from Viale delle Palme or Viale degli Oleandri, to follow the eastern part of the pialassa on the trail behind the pans. Once you have reached the pier in via dei Pioppi, the path continues along the banks, passing by the bird-watching tower, to then join up with the cycling trail for a short stretch. Further ahead one may continue once more along trails, going around the purification plant and onto the trail-racetrack. On the southern end of the Baiona one may explore the maze of banks which branch out of the side of via Baiona, thus entering into the clearings populated by herons, black-winged stilt and flamingoes (the Capanno Garibaldi merits a visit).
At a certain point the white road which borders via Baiona ends and one must travel on a section of paved road, to then go over a small iron bridge and enter Pineta San Vitale. Here the itinerary borders the valley along its inner side, where the water is sweeter and often see whooper swans. Now we enter Pineta San Vitale, passing by Ca’ Vecia, and we head due norght, where the Baiona tour comes at an end by pedaling first along the bank between via delle Valli and the Baiona, and, once one has crossed via delle Valli, on the right bank of the Lamone.

Pineta San Vitale (green itinerary)

This is a variation of the previous itinerary. From via Baiona, take the path which leads to Ca’ Nova, crossing the pinewood and going along canals and clearings filled with reeds further ahead.

Around Punte Alberete (dark blue itinerary)

This itinerary may begin from the previous, level with Ca’ Vecia in the Pineta San Vitale. You go on the white road until one reaches the Statale Romea and crosses it, going towards the parking lot of Punte Alberete. Alternatively, one may start here. Pedaling along the trail, one goes around the parking lot and then crosses the canal, thus circumnavigating the entire protected area of Punte Alberete until one once more arrives at the Romea state highway. By crossing the state highway before the roundabout, one reconnects to the end of the circuit of Valle Baiona, on Via delle Valli.

Casal Borsetti - Mandriole - Argine Reno - Casal Borsetti (yellow itinerary)

The itinerary begins in Casal Borsetti, going up the left bank of the Lamone. A short distance before the Romea state highway the itinerary enters the Pineta San Vitale and then turns left, crossing the Romea and heading towards Mandriole. One crosses a canal and heads north, always pedaling on a white road, until one reaches the bank of the Reno. From here one continues along the right bank of the river (here one could go along the bank towards the left, arriving at Sant’Alberto and then catch the ferry and continue along the Comacchio valleys). Once one has reached the mouth of the Reno, one must head south around the military polygon. Lastly, one arrives onto the seafront cycling trail, and returns to the starting point.

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