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Since 2010 the tourist information service, which had been initially performed by the local tourist office, is performed by Ravenna Incoming: + 39 0544 448323, Viale Ferrara, 7, 48123, Marina Romea (office opens approximately from Easter to September, the phone is active all -year long) – e-mail: [email protected]

To contact the Pro Loco and for emergencies, call the President Randi Emanuele at +39 3207677011 (only for the website – advertisements – brochure – sponsors – graphics etc…)
e-mail [email protected]

The Pro Loco

The Pro Loco of Marina Romea is a volunteer association whose goal is to socially promote Marina Romea and promote and organize tourist activities through

  • ventures which add value to Marina Romea from an environmental, traditional and landscaping point of view
  • activities which promote an influx of tourists to Marina Romea
  • the organization of events and various types of entertaining activities whose goal is to bring growth and add value to the town
  • cooperation with public and private entities in order to reach these goals

Our goal is to offer the tourist a stay inspired by the Roman concept of Otium: rest, life in freedom, indulging in one’s interests, cultivating activities which pleasant and useful to the body and the spirit. Registering with the Local Tourist Office means helping us to make staying in Marina Romea better and more interesting and pleasant, both during vacations as well as during the rest of the year. The yearly membership fee is € 25.

Ass. Pro loco Marina Romea APS 
Viale Ferrara 7 - 48123 Marina Romea RA 
P.Iva 01284340393 - C.F. 92028060397 
 N. Rea Ra  171135 
N. Registro regionale 2997
PEC: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]