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On foot along the Baiona

Going on foot from Marina Romea there are two easy itineraries along the Valle Baiona which allow visitors to observe different aspects of the valley’s environment.

To the birdwatching tower

The birdwatching tower in Valle Baiona may be reached by parking near Piazza degli Spinaroni or at the end of Viale dei Pioppi. Along the itinerary, which is located on the eastern bank of the Pialassa della Baiona, one may without difficulty observe egrets, many species of seagulls, pygmy cormorants and cormorants, as well as great crested grebe, black-necked grebe, common sandpiper and others. Occasionally from this turret one may also glimpse flamingos.

The Prato Barenicolo

The Prato Barenicolo may be reached on foot along the small valley road (parking in via degli Aironi or at the end of Viale delle Palme) or from the parking on Via delle Valli. It is a very interesting environment due to its vegetation halophilic (closely linked to the sea’s high levels of salinity) and to the species which feed here, taking advantage of the movement of the tides which regularly submerge the vegetation always bringing new food for egrets, herons, grey herons, great egrets, common redshanks, common greenshanks, curlews and seagulls. The summer blossoming of the Limonium plant which colours the valley a lovely lilac colour, is very beautiful and characteristic. Beware, the Limonium is a protected species, you may not gather its flowers.

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